Baltimore PW, the Synod PW, and the Mission of Church Worldwide are all supported by your annual pledge.  It is suggested that each church should remit $1.50 per woman annually.  Remittance can be paid quarterly or in one annual payment.  Checks should be made payable to PWP of Baltimore and attached to a remittance form mailed to the Treasurer.

Remittance Form

Remittance forms are sent to each church in the fall.  Additional forms can be requested from the PW Treasurer, Paula Crews.

Birthday Offering

The Birthday Offering is a special offering collected in the spring of each year to celebrate the blessings in the lives of Presbyterian Women.  No giving guidelines are suggested other than "give as you are blessed".  The offering funds up to five specific projects that are not included in on-going General Assembly mission support.

Thank Offering

Collected each fall, the Thank Offering funds projects that meet the needs of people who are aging, disabled, homeless or displaced, as well as children, youth and women, through educational, heath, peace and justice programs.  Forty percent of this offering is used to support hospitals and community health programs.  The remaining 60 percent is used for new creative ideas for mission.

Other Giving

Fellowship of the Least Coin:  An ecumenical prayer movement focused on peace, justice and reconciliation.  As each of us offers prayers, we should set aside a least coin as a suymbol of our prayers.  As they are collected, these coins join many others from all parts of the world to advance the causes of justice, peace and reconciliation and to support a variety of projects that help women and children achieve a better life.

Together in Service:  In addition to performing self-selected mission projects, Presbyterian Women can also be Together in Service through financial gifts.  The generosity of PW to Together in Service will fund mission initiatives such as health care, education and Bible study, as well as support for existing denominational and ecumenical programs.

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