Your Coordinating Team meets quarterly each year.  Meetings for the remainder of 2017 will be held the  weekend of the Synod Summer Gathering (June 15-18) and at the Fall Gathering.

Baltimore Coordinating Team

Moderator:  Debbie Salles - 1st of Howard

Vice Moderator:  Marla Holt - First&Franklin

Secretary:  Kelly Rajapillay - Hagerstown

Treasurer:  Paula Crews - First&Franklin

Spiritual Nurture:  Joan Berry - Ark&Dove

Justice&Peace:  Connie Renner - Catonsville

Mission:  Patti Ross - 1st of Howard

Resources:  Adrienne Knight - Knox

Historian:  Karen Straehle - Westminster

Synod Coordinating Team

Moderator:  Patricia Clark - Western North Carolina

Vice Moderator:  Sandra Gisiner - The Peaks


Baltimore PW serves the women of the 68 churches of the Baltimore Presbytery.